Compliance for Public Unlisted Company in India

Public Unlisted Company

Each company whether a Private Limited Company, Limited Company or One-Person Company is required to file the annual return after the end of each financial year. The procedure of annual filing of a company is simple. Under Companies Act, 2013 companies are required to file the form electronically.

Here Are The Following Forms Required To File With The Registrar Of Companies Annually :

Document Type E-Form Purpose
Balance – Sheet AOC -4 Filling of Financial Statement with the registrar
Consolidated Financial Statement AOC- 4(CFS) Companies which have Subsidiary Company, Associate Company, and Joint Ventures.
Profit & Loss Account AOC - 4 Filling of Profit & Loss Account with the registrar
Annual Return MGT – 7 To give in information related to director and shareholder for the period of financial Year.
Director Report Director Report along with Following Annexure in Form AOC – 4:
  • MGT – 9
  • Secretarial Audit AOC – 2
  • Report
Filling of Resolutions Form MGT - 14