Add Director to Company in India Online

Add Directors

Every company needs an active and effective body of individuals who are capable of managing the operations and proceedings of the company. The board of directors is comprised of the living individuals with wide knowledge in a spectrum of areas and entrusted with the management of the company. The Director of the company is the individual chosen and appointed by the shareholders of the company to administer the affairs of the company according to the MOA and AOA.

The individual proposed for the Director of the company should be older than 18 years and must have Director Identification Number (DIN) & Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). If the individual is capable but does not have DIN or DSC, then it can obtained by applying beforehand. The nationality or residential status of the DIN applicant does not matter. Hence, the Director of the company can either be Indian, Non-Resident Indian or a Foreign Resident. The application for addition of Director is to be filed with the Registrar of Companies for approval.

Types Of Directors

  • Managing Director
  • Executive Director
  • Additional Director
  • Ordinary Director
  • Alternate Director

The procedure for adding the directors of the company depends on the type of director being appointed. Jain Divya & Associates can conduct detailed study about the requirement of the company and can help in notifying the MCA about the addition of Director to the company. Schedule a consulting session with Jain Divya & Associates to know more about different corporate filings and compliances.

Documents Required for Addition of Director

  • Passport size photograph of the director to be appointed
  • PAN Card of the director to be appointed
  • Address Proof of the director to be appointed
  • DIN an DSC of the director to be appointed

Our Role in Filing Notification of Addition of Director

  • Once the existing Board of Directors decide upon the addition of the director to the board of the company, we advice and guide you about the procedure.
  • The resolution has to be passed by the Board of Directors. We help you draft the resolution and prepare the necessary documents for filing the notification.
  • We help you register your application for addition of Director with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.